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Learn more about the Sensory Friendly Saturday Matinee

Sensory-friendly performances are for children and adults with sensory sensitivities or for anyone who may benefit from being in a more relaxed environment. It's also a great opportunity to introduce your little one to a live ballet performance without worrying about creating disruptions. 

Accommodations for Sensory Friendly Performances Include:

  • Adjusted lighting and sound
  • Lower sound levels throughout the performance
  • A reduction of strobe lighting and lighting focused on the audience
  • House lights will remain on (at a low level) in theatre auditorium during the performance
  • No live orchestra
  • No pyrotechnics

Additionally, theatre rules are relaxed for the duration of the performance. 

  • Guests are free to talk, leave their seats, and move freely during the performance
  • Designated safe/quiet area with fidgets and noise canceling headphones
  • Allowed use of iPads and other electronics for therapeutic uses

Visit for the pre-performance guide.

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