Thank you for your order! To ensure a seamless dining experience, please follow these instructions on receiving your culinary delights. 

When You Arrive

  1. Check in at the main bar, located on the first floor. We recommend arriving  at least 45 minutes prior to your performance time.
  2. You will receive a small beacon from the bartender upon your check-in. Locate the table or seating area where you would like to enjoy your food on Orchestra, Grand Tier, Mezzanine or Balcony lobby areas. Please note, food is not allowed in the theatre.
  3. Place your beacon on the table. When your beacon lights up, please do not move. Your order is on its way to your location.
  4. Enjoy!

About Your Order

Your food will be served in a disposable container for your convenience. Tableware will be provided. Please tip your server directly if you are so included. Do not leave cash on table. 

Feel free to ask the server delivering your food for any additional needs or requests. If you need assistance after the server has left, a QR code is located at every table location. Scan the QR code or visit to contact a server for assistance. Please allow up to 5 minutes to fulfill your request. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest bar location for assistance as well.

Reminder: Food from the Small Bites menu is not allowed in the theatre. Please arrive with plenty of time to receive and eat your order comfortably. Generally, we recommend checking in at least 45 minutes prior to your performance time.