Rendering of Main Lobby
Rendering of Freede Little Theatre
Rendering of Main Lobby Bar
Rendering of Freede Exterior Looking Downtown
Rendering of New Freede Theatre Lobby

In 2017, the citizens of Oklahoma City voted for a General Obligation bond package titled ‘Better Streets, Safer City.’ In that bond package, $14.1 million dollars were ear-marked for facility upgrades here at the Civic Center Music Hall. In addition to the 2017 GO Bond funding, the Civic Center Foundation has contributed over $1 million to the renovation.

The renovation will highlight the historic spaces of our building, and new spaces draw inspiration from historic plans from the 1937 construction of the building.

Rendering of Main Lobby

The renovation project will be focused on the Freede Little Theatre, which has been largely un-renovated since the 1940s. The renovation will bring Freede up to modern theatre standards with:

  • A new entrance to the building dedicated to the Freede Little Theatre
  • Dedicated box office, bar and concessions, and restrooms for the theatre
  • New theatre seating designed for patron comfort and sight-lines to stage
  • A renovated balcony that will now be open to patron seating
  • Modern theatrical equipment including motorized rigging, LED lighting, and a new purpose-built sound system
Rendering of Freede Little Theatre
Rendering of New Freede Theatre Lobby
Rendering of Main Lobby Bar
Rendering of Main Lobby
Rendering of VIP Lounge

In addition to the updates to Freede, we’ll also have a few updates to the main lobby to help enhance your experience.

  • The lobby will be rearranged to create a more open and less crowded patron experience
  • The box office will be relocated to the north side of the lobby to provide easier access for walk-up and in-person support
  • A new patron services location for questions and enhanced patron amenities
  • A new main bar and new satellite bar locations will be added to shorten lines and increase offerings
  • A VIP lounge on the main floor

Finally, we’ll be enhancing the accessibility of our building with powered doors and a new family-friendly restroom.

Renovations are expected to last 18-24 months and will run concurrently to normal operations. The project broke ground in August 2021. 

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Renovation FAQs

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All renderings are pre-construction and may not reflect the final design or construction. Renderings Courtesy FSB Architects & Engineers.