We are excited to bring a selection of this season’s performances direct to you digitally. Something as small as supporting your favorite arts organization through the purchase of a digital stream helps save performing arts in Oklahoma City. Without you, what we do would not be possible. 

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How to Purchase

Digital streams are footage of the live performance that you can view from the comfort of your own home.  

  • Some streams may include additional bonus material such as behind the scenes footage or interviews with the cast, although this is not always available.  
  • Digital streams are available for a period of time, which can vary depending upon the event. 

Performances with digital streams available can be found on the virtual venue page. Typically, a single digital stream access code cost between $10-$50 not including any applicable fees. 

Once you’ve purchased a digital stream, you’ll immediately receive an email with your access pass. These access passes look similar to a print at home ticket you may have used at our in-person events and includes your alpha-numeric code that you’ll use to access your event.  You’ll also receive a reminder that your digital stream is available to watch when the viewing window is available.  

Access Code Tip: Copy and paste your individualized access code directly from the PDF into the stream player by highlighting the code with your mouse and right clicking to ‘copy’ and then ‘paste.'

Types of Digital Streams 

There are two types of digital events hosted on the Civic Center Virtual Venue; on-demand performances and live-stream.  

On-Demand Performances

Video on Demand performances are similar to renting a movie on DVD or watching a stream on Netflix. You’ll have access to the show for a set period of time in which you can watch at your own convenience. You can pause, rewind, start over or watch multiple times throughout the availability period.  

If purchasing in advance, you’ll receive an email notification when your availability window is open.  

You’ll also receive an email notification advising there are 24 hours left in your viewing window. The show will be removed at a set time, whether all access codes have been used or not. If you have not watched your stream prior to the end of the viewing window, you will not have access once the availability window is over. Remember to watch the digital event prior to the availability window expiration indicated on the Virtual Venue page.  

Live Stream Performances

Live stream performances are similar to watching a live-event on television such as an award show. The show starts at a set time, whether you are watching or not, and you cannot rewind, pause or restart the show. The benefit to watching a live-stream performance is that you are watching the live performance as it is happening on stage.  

Live stream performances are only available beginning at the performance time indicated through the end of the performance. Unless on-demand is made available, you cannot go back and watch the event after the event is over.   

Combination Performances

Some performances will be available to watch live, then available to watch a few days later as an On-Demand video. 

How to Watch

The easiest way to watch shows is through a browser on your computer, tablet or phone. 

Desktop or Laptop Browser
Our digital streams work on most browsers on both Mac and PC computers. To view on a browser, visit the Virtual Venue page, click 'Watch Now' and input your personal access code. 

  • Recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox
  • Safari for Mac and Edge Windows are also supported

Mobile or Tablet Browser
Viewing on a mobile browser works the same as viewing on a desktop browser. Visit the Virtual Venue page, tap 'Watch Now' and input your personal access code. 

  • Chrome is the recommended browser for Android devices
  • Safari is the recommended browser for Apple devices

Viewing Tip: Make sure your browsers are up to date for the best compatibility. A full list of specific device compatibility can be found at the right side of this page.

Casting Your Event on a Television

The process for casting your video to a television varies on the device and will be different for each individual setup. Below are some resources to help identify what solution might be best for you.

c|Net - How to Connect Your Laptop to your TV Wirelessly or with HDMI
Google - Cast from Chrome to your TV
Apple - Use AirPlay to Stream Video or Mirror Your Device's Screen

Please know that because of the individual requirements for each device, our staff will not be able to assist with streaming via television. If you are unable to play on your television, please view on a recommended web browser on your desktop or mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm streaming the event, but there's no sound.
Make sure the speakers on your computer or device are on that you haven't muted the sound. Next, check the volume on the stream by looking for the speaker icon on the player box. If there's an X next to it, the sound is muted. Click or tap the icon to turn the sound back on and reveal the slider to adjust the volume. 

I'm watching the stream, but my screen froze.
Try pressing pause and then pressing play again. You can also try refreshing your browser. 

I still need help.
Send us a message. Please note availability is limited during weekend hours and we may not receive your message until Monday. We recommend accessing your digital stream prior to the weekend to ensure support availability prior to event expirations. 

Why aren't all shows available to watch online?
Every arts organization decides which shows are streamed online, how long they are available, and how they are streamed. There are many factors that go into putting a show online and it may not be possible for all performances. If you have questions about a specific show, contact us.